How can I ensure the best results?

We want to give you the best real estate photographs possible. The more attractive the photographs are, the more interest it will generate for your property and the faster it will sell. In order to do that, we suggest that the home be thoroughly cleaned and de-cluttered before the photographer arrives. We do not typically photograph the garage, pantry, utility room or closets. These are great areas to store loose items before the session starts. The less time we have to wait for last minute preparation, the more time we will have to focus on your property and take the best pictures possible. Having the home set up on a lockbox with no one else present during the session is also preferred. Click the link below for Detailed Instructions on how to prepare.


Detailed Home Preparation Sheet

Do your photographers straighten the home before photographing?

We typically do not straighten the home prior to photographing but if there are a few things that were missed (a broom, soap, pet dishes, etc.) that will only take a few minutes, we do not mind removing those items from view. 

Do ATG photographers have supra keys?

Yes, all of our photographers are affiliates with SABOR and have access to open your supra box once you provide us with the CBS code. This means you can save your time gas for showing properties to new clients!



What if it's cloudy or raining?

All of our photographs are edited to alter the sky, so cloudy or clear - your photos will look great. If it rains on the day of your real estate photography session and we are unable to shoot the exterior, we will schedule a free follow up session for the exterior photos. If you are concerned about the weather, we suggest looking at the weather forecast the day before the session and then rescheduling if needed. If a serious storm or hurricane is forecasted, we will reschedule the session and notify you that we could not photograph that property due to unsafe driving conditions.

When will the photographs be ready?

ATG delivers the photographs before 5:00pm on the day following the photography session. If a session is on Monday, you will have the photos on Tuesday, before 5:00pm. We shoot Monday through Friday and deliver photos Tuesday through Saturday.

How are the photos delivered?

We will email the photos to you via Dropbox. Click the link below for detailed download instructions.

Detailed Download Instructions

How do I reschedule my session?

After you book your real estate photography session, you will receive a confirmation email. Additionally, 24 hours before your session is scheduled to start, you will receive a reminder email. In both emails there will be a green button that says "Change/Cancel Appointment". Just click that button and you will see options to reschedule your session to another open time slot or to edit the information provided to update us with a new combo code or special request.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel or reschedule your session through the link provided in your confirmation email 12 hours or more before the session is scheduled to begin, there is no fee and the process is automatic and simple for your or your seller to reschedule the session. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment with less than 12 hours notice - or if we can not photograph the property due to missing or inaccurate information (property or neighborhood gates, combo/CBS code missing, etc.) - then a $75 cancellation fee will apply and you will need to book a new session. We strongly recommend visiting the property the day before a session to ensure that it will be ready to shoot. If it will not be ready then it is very easy to reschedule and push the session back a day or two.